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Meet our Team

Ryan Madison – Editor in Chief / News
Email : ryan[@]vmrnewswire.com
Editor-in-chief Ryan Madison has an overall experience of 15 years in the field of market research journalism. Ryan founded VMR NewsWire. He loves to write current trends about the emerging technologies across the industry verticals.  He holds master degree in English Literature, and masters in marketing management.

Fran Jamie – Editor in Chief / Reviews
Email : fran[@]vmrnewswire.com
Fran Jamie is working as a freelance editor in VMR NewsWire. Hi is working with some other leading news companies as a freelancer. She has around one decade of professional experience. She also works as a guest faculty in various institutes in United States.

Nancy Elliot – Senior Managing Editor
Email : nancy[@]vmrnewswire.com
Nancy Elliot is currently working as an editor with VMR NewsWire. Prior to this, she was working the leading media companies in United States. She holds around 8 years of work experience in content writing. She tracks the latest industry trends and love to write about the emerging technologies. Nancy holds master degree in market management. She is passionate about the adventures sports.

Olivia Victoria – Managing Editor
Email : olivia[@]vmrnewswire.com
Olivia Victoria is a content marketing professional at VMR NewsWire. She graduated with honors from Northwest University in business administration. Olivia holds around 15 years of professional e
xperience. She writes about latest trends from automotive, pharmaceuticals, chemicals & materials, and food & beverages.

Andrew Trenholm – Contributing Research Editor
Email : andrew[@]vmrnewswire.com
Andrew Trenholm with five years of experience in the newspaper industry. Apart from writing and editing news, articles on anything related to finance or Banking, he also contributes to a local newspaper.

Rakesh Singh – Principal Consultant
Email : rakesh[@]vmrnewswire.com
Rakesh Singh holds a Masters Degree in Marketing working on myriads of topics related to market research, finance, marketing, politics, entertainment, electronics, healthcare, chemicals, automotive, automation, consumer goods, aerospace & defense and many more.

Abhigya Mehra – Author / Content Writer
Email : abhigya[@]vmrnewswire.com
Abhigya Mehra is a Author / Content Writer at VMR NewsWire She writes about recent Entertainment, technological developments from Automation, semiconductor & Electronics, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals & Materials, and Information Technology verticals. In addition to writing, Abhigya also has expertise in market research along with report writing and market estimation.