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In-Car Infotainment Playing a Vital Role in the Sales Figure of Automotive Sector

In-car infotainment refers to the complete unit of entertainment, navigation, climate control, information, and communication. Presently, manufacturers are majorly focusing on designing technologically advanced software interfaces that users can understand easily and operate efficiently. Growing smartphone adoption and increasing use of cloud technology are some of the major drivers in the world in-car infotainment market. The use of cloud technology has enabled live streaming of media future that facilitates online updating of information, music, and other services as per user demand.

In-Car Infotainment Playing

There are two major types of in-car infotainment systems available in the automotive industry, but choosing the right in-car infotainment is imperative. While selecting in-car infotainment, users focus on parameters such as the complexity of the system, available features cost, quality, time, and cost. In-car infotainment installation cost can be reduced by adopting aftermarket infotainment installation type from a third party manufacturer, which is the main reason after market is the most popular installation type than the OEM installation. Presently, in-car infotainment is becoming a necessary feature in consumer and commercial cars. In addition, the continuous technological developments and inclusion of mobile integration facility are encouraging the growth in developing and emerging economies. It is likely to provide the required impetus to boost the in-car infotainment market. In-car infotainment use three major components for its operations such as hardware and software. Hardware further includes audio, video, and other hardware.

Smartphone adoption has been one of the key factor influencing the in-car infotainment market particularly. Mobile integration technology being the key factor is tremendously boosting the growth of the market. Thus, this factor is making new developments whether it’s mobile industry or car industry. It’s a two way advancement attracting customers to get interested into. Even in the coming years this factor will largely enhance the growth of the market.

In-car infotainment is rapidly replacing the old entertainment systems owing to its unmatched superior benefits, for instance, it offers not only entertainment services, but also navigation services, internet connectivity and display facilities with touch screen technology. Numerous companies operate in this segment and the key market participants have been adopting different strategies to capture larger share of the overall market. Product launches, partnerships and acquisitions are the two widely adopted strategies among market players. Every car manufacturer is trying to come up with the technology wherein smartphone and car-infotainment can be synced.

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